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The Westeros Cinematic Universe is upon us with our first 'Game of Thrones' extension - the story of the Targaryen Kings and their family civil war: House of the Dragon

by Girls Go Books Deep

It’s finally Here!

We are so Ready!

Hello, All! If you’re new here – we are Janae & Amanda, two besties who love to dissect our favorite SciFi/Fantasy Movies & TV shows – especially if they’re based on a book!

We have read and reread Fire and Blood as well as The World of Ice and Fire in order to get *super ready* for the premier of HBO’s House of the Dragon.

It’s been over 3 years since we’ve said goodbye to some of our favorite characters when Game of Thrones went crashing down in a blaze of Sh ….. (I’m not going to go there. Woo Sah. I’m getting over it, I promise.)

But if anyone has restored my faith that they will get it right this show – it’s HBO. They have taken every possible chance to prove to GRRM that they will not blow it this time. Ryan Condal is about to become a household-name.

Plus, the “Dance of the Dragons” is one of the most entertaining and compelling stories within Westerosi Lore. There’s fire in our blood just thinking about the solid 3 seasons of amazing television we have instore for the future!

Let’s get down to business…

With that being said, Janae and I are going to be glued to the couch every Sunday night, and we would love to discuss them live with you guys directly after the show.

So Join Us! Every Sunday night, post show, 10pm EST!

Follow us to watch our live stream on either Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch!

That’s right, we’ll be streaming to all three platforms at the same time!! So no matter where you prefer to hang out online – we got you. 😉

Don’t worry, that’s not all! We’ll still be bringing a full episode breakdown – complete with book facts, Easter eggs, and our personal brand of in depth discussion – each week on our podcast as well!

Here’s our link to Spotify —>

But our podcast is available on all listening platforms where you find good podcasts – including Audible and the GoodPods app!

We are SOOOOO excited for House of the Dragon and we’re even more excited to hang out with you guys after the show!

Has anyone read Fire and Blood yet? Who’s Team Black 🖤 and who’s Team Green 💚? Sound off in the comments below!!

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